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Welcome to our Prince Du Sang website
From here we want to show you the family passion we have for the Biewer Terrier breed.
Prince du Sang (Princes of Blood) refers to the exceptional bloodlines of our dogs. For this reason, all our specimens were acquired from the best breeders in Europe, not only for having the specimens with the most titles and world recognition, but also for accrediting a minimum of 5 generations of pure Biewer breed.
Our Biewer are distinguished by their magnificent appearance, extraordinary beauty, excellent health and great sweetness.
They all live with us in our home and undergo regular veterinary control, they receive a balanced and high-quality diet. They lead an active lifestyle: walks and games in the air.
We are mainly motivated by the world of Exhibitions, where we can exhibit our specimens in their maximum splendor. In these few years that have passed we have a small hole created in the world of the Biewer Terrier.
We are not a kennel and we do not have any profit motive, we are lovers of this breed and we are dedicated to exhibiting our Biewer in National and International Shows.
From Prince du Sang we work for the improvement of the breed and in order to do so, we have managed to be the first to achieve the maximum certification granted in Spain by the National Biewer Club, with the Premium Certification. All our specimens have numerous genetic and health tests.
We consider of vital importance for the improvement of the Biewer Terrier breed, the high selection in the reproductive specimens, which must have, according to our modest criteria, the highest possible health tests and certifications.
Enjoy with us this wonderful breed.





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